Darius Sepehripour

ceo | Co-Founder

With over a decade of experience working in the real estate and technology sectors, Darius saw an opportunity to combine the two, and disrupt the mortgage industry. KIND Home loans was launched to help provide one of the largest varieties of loan programs to consumers—giving people options based on their financial goals. Growing up as an athlete, Darius is a firm believer in the team concept. The team at KIND is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds, and consists of industry leading marketing, real estate, and business professionals to create a product that is difficult to compete with. Together the KIND team is not only helping consumers get the home of their dreams—but also the loan of their dreams.

Darius graduated with Honors from The University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelors Degree in Business and an emphasis Consumer Behavior. Darius wrote his honors thesis on the Sub-Prime Mortgage Meltdown, and the role it played on the global economies. Darius lives an active life, his hobbies include surfing, traveling, and playing competitive sports.
Fun Fact: Darius was once a Semi-Professional Skateboarder.



AUSTIN woodle


Austin is responsible for partnering with you to understand home ownership and an appropriate budget. Austin moved to Los Angeles from Seattle to dive into real estate head first and start building connections from the ground up. This task, although daunting on paper, is one that Austin enjoys adventuring every day. As an avid traveler being in an unfamiliar territory and adapting to his surroundings was ingrained within Austin at an early age. Naturally this formed an effortless approach to problem solving that he uses in his professional and daily life. Having the ability to be self-reliant in any environment and stay composed under stress our amongst his best qualities.

His studies have included psychology, finance, and entrepreneurship at the University of Washington.

Raised by a software engineer and a psychologist he is both inventive and creative, enabling him to be intuitively solution based and always considerate of multiple perspectives. The combination of his life
experiences and education manifest into a sharp-witted, creative minded, storyteller.

Fun Fact: Austin holds a black belt in karate.



karen ramirez

account executive

Karen Ramirez was born in Sylmar, then made her way into the desert of Lancaster, CA when she was 4. Here is where her education would take place through college. Meticulous, tactical and logistical, a planner, and a leader mindset would lead Karen into a variety of job titles: Receptionist, Medical Assistant, Marketing Director and Administrative Clerk. These jobs would shape her into being an Account Executive, where she delivers exceptional service and value on a daily basis at Kind Home Loans.  But when it’s not work, you’ll catch Karen sitting in the stands cheering on her oldest while keeping the youngest from climbing fences.

(661) 471-5124

Yellow KIND.png

Ryan Sepehripour

account executive

Growing up Ryan dreamed of playing football. It was a passion that he had which led to him being dedicated, working out, and training since fourth grade! In high school, those dreams came do an end after he fractured his spine his sophomore season, a career ending injury. Ryan is a very driven and passionate person, so with a burning determination left to fill, at just 15 years old, Ryan indulged himself into the mortgage industry. Following in the footsteps of his older brother Darius, Ryan began his internship that summer learning the ins and outs of the industry. After his first experience in helping a young family own their first home, seeing the purest form of happiness in their face, it was that very moment when this new passion was born. Helping people become home owners became the new game he was trying to win. Ryan is more excited than ever to join Kind in 2017, a company he knows shares the same motives as him. 

Fun Fact:  Ryan is a monster in fantasy football, winning back-to-back championships and on his way to a three peat this season! 


Red KIND.png

mike jimenez

account executive

Miguel "Mike" is a well rounded professional with 9 years of experience in Real Estate working along side the elite in the business, as well as extensive knowledge and experience in loans. He is charismatic, fun, loving, whilst simultaneously studious, diligent and competent. His extensive knowledge in both real estate and loans makes him one of the most sought after professionals in the business. He is also humble and relatable making him a pleasure to work with. 

Mike is a family man at heart and is happiest spending time with them. He enjoys reading, and nature activities such as hiking and fishing. 




Jamal khawaja

co-founder | vp

A dedicated professional with more than 13 years experience. Client-focused, service-driven, goal-oriented, exceptional work ethic, integrity. Dynamic, energetic, multi-lingual. Outstanding background in Client Relations; solid knowledge of Real Estate and Mortgage Lending industries. He is an active and visible member of the Pakistani-American community in Los Angeles; is a Board Member & Advisor to both business and political forums.

Ongoing, he does volunteer service feeding the homeless at Hope Mill.

He loves sports and hiking; plays racquetball as often as possible. Latest hobby: vocal lessons (at the urging of friends and family because of his love of music, innate rhythmic sense, and powerful voice).

(818) 964-9400

Blue KIND.png

fawzia "fay" khawaja

co-founder | sr. Loan officer

Well-qualified, results-oriented Mortgage/Financial Professional with over 17 successful years of experience. Top-performer; consistently exceeds expectations. Has superior mortgage product knowledge and is skilled in educating clients, Real Estate Agents & Loan Officers about best options.
Fawzia loves to travel and the journey of a good book or a great movie. She possesses great fashion sense and personal style and is a wonderful mother. 

(818) 448-5522